Ad 2 Milwaukee

The Ad 2 Division of the American Advertising Federation is comprised of a nationwide network of clubs whose members are employed, or interested in, advertising or public relations. Ad 2 Milwaukee’s goal is to help young professionals build knowledge and nurture successful relationships throughout the advertising industry in Milwaukee. For more than 30 years Ad 2 has been a group reaching out to students through education, to local communities through public service campaigns for non-profits, and to other professionals, we strive to make a difference.

For more than 30 years, local Ad 2 chapters have produced comprehensive public service advertising and marketing campaigns for non-profit organizations in their communities. Each year local chapters select a client, research the client's needs and author a complete marketing plan. Then, based upon that information Ad 2 members create television, radio, print, outdoor and interactive advertising elements. Some campaigns also include logo design, production of collateral materials and public relations initiatives.


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