hi! we’re a nonprofit club ran by & for young professionals in advertising, marketing, & design. we love bringing people together to network, learn & be inspired. *:・゚✧


summer shots

every professional needs a fresh headshot! join us in the summer as we partner with local photographers to help you stand out among the rest!

agency crawl

this event literally gets your foot in the door to local advertising agencies around milwaukee! take a tour, speak with industry leaders, and find your fit.

advancement series

Quarterly workshops led by experts in Milwaukee’s marketing, advertising, design, and PR fields. You’ll hear about various topics, from how to operate TikTok for business or prepare a kickass portfolio/resume to sharpen your technical skills (how the heck do you gather consumer insights, anyway?). All events are FREE for all!

ad camp

a weekend retreat for members and other young professionals; designed for you to step out of your comfort zone, meet new people, hang out, and enjoy the outdoors with like-minded folks.

ad 2 milwaukee’s network expands across the country.

our parent organization is ad 2 national—and we’re repping milwaukee! ad 2 national is the young professional division of the american advertising federation (aaf), the largest advertising advocacy group in the united states.

map of ad 2 national and chapters across the u.s.