Board of Directors

Board of Directors & Committee Chairs

Ad 2 Milwaukee’s Board of Directors and Committee Chairs are the brains and brawn behind making Ad 2 Milwaukee a kickass club. Each year, from June to June, the board works to operate our club,  organize our events, handle our membership, run a public service campaign and more. Interested in getting more experience under your belt? Check out our open positions and email us to get the conversation started on you joining our board.

Current Board


Amanda Hall, Senior Digital Project & Account Manager at Top Floor

Partnership/Sponsorship & VP Chair: 

Natalee Kashou, Communications Manager & Breakfast Program Coordinator at The Gathering of Southeast WI, Inc



Creative Chair:

Evan Sears, Graphic Designer 

Social Media Chair:

Anne Koepp, Digital Marketing Specialist at Top Floor

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Communications Chair:

Jessamyn Amezquita, Assistant Account Executive at Branigan Communciations 



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TopFloor Branigan Communications

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