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Please note that you are required to be a member of Ad 2 Milwaukee in order to hold a board position. Become a member

Open Positions

  • Events Chair
  • Communications Chair

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  • Membership Committee Member
  • Events Committee Member
  • Public Service Committee Member 
  • Creative Committee Member
  • Social Media Committee Member
  • Communications Committee Member
  • Partnership/Sponsorship Committee Member


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Position Descriptions

President / Co-Presidents

  • Handle posts to social media accounts
  • Facilitate board meetings
  • General board oversight
  • Reach out to other organizations in the community to build relationships
  • Attend Ad 2 National Presidents calls and Ad 2 National events, or find suitable replacement
  • Handle emails and communications with Ad 2 National
  • Coordinate and speak with local college ad clubs about Ad 2 Milwaukee
  • Handles board mentorship/one-on-ones, when applicable
  • Manage Ad 2 email account and responses


  • Handles bank account
  • Handles any/all payments
  • Provide monthly update on funds
  • Complete travel stipend forms for national events
  • Manage membership payments/collections/renewals
  • Take notes at board meetings
  • Handle expense reports/reimbursements

Events & Partnership Coordinator

  • Manage all Ad 2 Milwaukee hosted fundraising and other events
  • Keeps updates on community events
  • Determines and coordinates event partnerships with other organizations
  • Lead the solicitation of sponsorships

Public Service Chair

  • Recruits and advocates for Public Service Committee (PSC) both amongst current Ad 2 Members and other YPs in the community
  • Runs the public service campaign efforts with exact deadlines and overall goals
    • Coordinates committee meetings, projects and work
  • Selects non-profit client with help from PSC members and Board input, which includes:
    • Distributing a press release and gaining awareness about the application process
    • Reviewing and narrowing the list of applicants to the top three
    • Interviewing the top three candidates
  • Coordinates with client
  • Submits book to National Competition
  • Presents at AdMerica for PSC competition, or finds a suitable replacement to present

External Relations / Communications

  • Manages the website
  • Sends monthly e-newsletter
  • Works with graphic design intern
  • Contacts / Welcomes new members

General Board Members

  • If you have a specific area of expertise, we’re open to customizing board positions for your skills/interest.


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