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Camp Y-Koda Cabin

Nearby Lake with Dock

Camp Y-Koda firepit and outdoor seating

Camp Y-Koda sleeping wooden bunkbed arrangements

Beautiful scenery

Beautiful scenery

Join Ad 2 Milwaukee for Ad Camp 2021, Weekend Retreat November 5th-7th!

We are so excited to host this unique event for young professionals ages 18-32. We’re inviting YOU to join us for an overnight retreat consisting of industry-leading speakers, workshops and outdoor activities designed to help you build confidence in yourself and your career.

Located at Camp Y-Koda in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, the purpose of this event is to bring young professionals together for networking and confidence building. Confidence is a transferable skill – from your career to your everyday life. This event will require you to step out of your comfort zone aiming to help you create a vision for your future, establish healthy boundaries and routines while already utilizing the tools and strengths you have.

Nearby Lake with Dock

This jam-packed weekend retreat will leave you with skills and connections to help you level up in your career and personal life. All meals and indoor sleeping accommodations are included in your ticket purchase.

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Ticket Breakdown:

BASIC (1-night stay) Sat/Sun activities, camper goody bag – $20

VIP (2-night stay) Fri/Sat/Sun activities, camper goody bags – $40

Ad 2 MEMBER (1-night stay) Sat/Sun activities, camper goody bag – Free

Ad 2 MEMBER VIP (2-night stay) Fri/Sat/Sun activities, camper goody bags – $15

Upon registration, we will reach out via email to confirm your ticket, sleeping arrangement preferences and any food allergies. We will also provide you with a packing list and other essential details to attend Ad Camp 2021!

Camp Y-Koda firepit and outdoor seating

LIMITED SPACE! Sign up here.

From Squashed to Unstoppable with Speaker Kelly Hackney poster

From Squashed to Unstoppable
with Speaker, Kelly Hackney

Meet Kelly! A marketing guru with 10+ years of experience. Through Caffeine with Kelly LLC, she helps small businesses become the hero in their stories. For Kelly, marketing is more than just a job title, it is the ability to make people feel something about a brand that they haven’t before.

Building Confidence in a Professional Environment

Building Confidence in a Professional Environment
with Speaker, Max Yang

Meet Max! Creator, Educator, and Entrepreneur. They are the CEO / Founder of MaxYang & Co, a marketing agency that emphasizes its innovative service through influencer and social media marketing. Max is an Entrepreneur with expertise in B2C digital marketing and was featured in Business Insider early this year. According to Shopify, founded Frosty Chainz, an eCommerce jewelry business that was in the top 5% in traffic in its first six months of operations. He is also a Marketer with an array of skills and experiences in Google Analytics, Content Marketing, SEO, Digital Marketing, Adobe, Social Media Management, and Facebook Ad Management.

A second-generation immigrant raised in Oshkosh, WI, Yang’s core values-hard work, education and consistency-are deeply rooted in the lessons his parents taught him. Drawing from his cross-cultural identity, a passion for business, and a natural eagerness to learn, Yang uses this inspiration as fuel for success in driving his enterprises.

The Power of Positive Self Talk with Andrea Stegman poster

The Power of Positive Self Talk
with Workshop leader, Andrea Stegman

Meet Andrea! A Social Media Specialist at Gray Television. She inspires people to be their most confident, unfiltered selves. At Gray TV, Andrea provides research-based guidance for Gray corporate and station personnel in the areas of digital content including social media, training and workflow development with the goal of increased efficiency and reach within all Gray markets.

Instilling Confidence Through Action with Angela Ryan poster

Instilling Confidence Through Action
with Workshop leader, Angela Ryan

Meet Angela! A professional Art Director and Graphic Designer, who knows how challenging it can be to balance work, life and your mental health. Angela is the Founder/Owner and Productivity Coach of The Design Blonde. They allow creatives to move past their imposter syndrome and instill confidence through action. Angela also served as President of AIGA Wisconsin.

Your Questions Answered:

What ticket should I buy? VIP tickets are a two-night (Friday and Saturday) stay with sleeping arrangements in the main cabin, where the regular ticket tier gets you one night (Saturday) in the bunker cabin. The ticket you purchase depends on what you are hoping to get out of the event and how long you plan to stay! Staying both days will mean more time together to hang out and getting to know each other!

What are the benefits of going? So many! Networking and meeting new people, getting to know our speakers in a smaller-sized setting, boosting your confidence skills, and so much more. Our hope is that everyone comes out of this with at least one new, meaningful connection.

What’s the agenda what activities are planned? We have a consistent rotation every hour of different activities. These go from speakers + workshops, and group activities (ropes courses, kayaking, campfires). The idea is that you can come to the activities that interest you most, or attend them all! We will be posting an official itinerary very soon!

How is COVID being handled? We are requiring either a vaccine card or a negative COVID test to attend this event. Masks are not required but are welcomed.

Are sleeping arrangements co-ed? We are relying on our guests to answer this and what they are most comfortable with. Most prefer co-ed or non-gendered sleeping arrangements.

Camp Y-Koda sleeping wooden bunkbed arrangements

What should I wear/pack? You can come to this event pretty casual! Expect to be outside some of the time, so boots, jackets, hoodies, flannels, etc. are encouraged. We will also provide a packing list.

What if I have dietary restrictions? In our registration form, we ask for any dietary information that we should know about. All food is included!


Have questions? Email us!

COVID-19 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: All attendees must be able to show proof of vaccination or be able to provide a negative vaccine test upon entry. Depending on the state of the pandemic, masks will be strongly encouraged or mandatory and social distancing will be in place. There will be no exceptions to this rule.
This event is non-refundable. In the unlikely case that we can not host this event due to COVID-19, we will credit all registrants for future Ad 2 Milwaukee events.
Ad 2 Milwaukee is an organization centered around young professionals ages 18-32 in advertising, marketing, and design, BUT all careers are welcome to join!
Ad 2 Milwaukee is an inclusive organization and is open to individuals of every race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, economic status, and other diverse backgrounds.

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