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Public Service Overview

For more than 35 years, local Ad 2 chapters have produced comprehensive public service advertising and marketing campaigns for non-profit organizations in their communities.

The Ad 2 commitment to public service is one of the qualities that set Ad 2 apart from other advertising-related organizations.  Each year local chapters select a client, research the client’s needs and develop a complete marketing plan based around the unique needs of the organization. Then, Ad 2 members may create television and radio spots, print pieces, outdoor boards, social plans or any other number of advertising elements. Some campaigns also include logo design, production of collateral materials and public relations initiatives, dependent on the client’s needs.

These campaigns are not theoretical. They are real, and they make a real difference in local communities. Scores of non-profit organizations point to the assistance they received from a local Ad 2 chapter as an integral part of their development and success.

Each year, we build a committee of volunteers to make magic happen as they gain real marketing experience. Contact us to get involved.

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