2006 Pearls For Teen Girls

PearlsFTGName: Pearls for Teen Girls

Location: Southeast Wisconsin

Website:  http://pearlsforteengirls.com

Description: Pearls for Teen Girls is a non-profit leadership development organization serving at-risk, primarily African American and Latina girls, ages 10 to 19 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. PEARLS helps girls achieve in school, avoid teen pregnancy, and use their personal power to achieve their goals and dreams. In 2012, PEARLS served nearly 1,000 girls citywide.

Year of Partnership: 2006

Campaign: Pearls for Teen Girls and Ad 2 Milwaukee joined forces in 2006 for Ad 2 Milwaukee’s first Public Service Campaign. Focusing on the influence of positive role models, Ad 2 Milwaukee helped to develop improved branding and collateral materials targeted towards donors.

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